Villa Mondo believes that all our suppliers abide by the following expectations regarding the treatment and working conditions of employees, with regard for the environment, animals and ethically sourced and produced products.

* All- wood and paper for products (including packaging) was obtained legally, and ethically sourced with the most environmentally friendly methods available and has upheld all legal environmental standards 

* All products, materials and ingredients are legally licensed for sale within Australia and do not contain harmful chemicals, banned substances or toxic materials 

* No animals are harmed in the process of sourcing materials for, or in any other stage of obtaining a finished product 

* The supplier and known affiliates does not discriminate in any way against employees 

* All employees involved in the manufacture and distribution of the product were treated fairly and ethically according to local government legislation 

* No excessive overtime was imposed to employees, with the maximum number of hours worked per week being 60 hours, with minimum 1 day off per seven-day period 

* All employees of the supply company were financially compensated for their work in accordance with local government legislation and deductions from wages were not made for disciplinary reasons 

* There are no third party financial beneficiaries of any of the terms and conditions. All terms are strictly between Villa Mondo and the supplier unless otherwise specified 

* Work by children under the age of 14 is strictly prohibited, in conjunction with government fair work practices. In any country where a higher age limit is imposed, this higher age will apply 

* No kind of corporate punishment, psychological or physical harassment from any employee will be tolerated 

* Suppliers have provided a safe and healthy workplace for to avoid accidents or injuries. All workspaces must endeavor to neutralise any threat to the safety of all persons and must comply with local government legislation 

* Villa Mondo reserves the right to conduct compliance checks at any time without notice. Our suppliers shall produce the necessary information and grant access to any Villa Mondo nominated persons who seek to verify compliance with the requirements of all codes 

* Suppliers shall keep records to prove compliance with codes of conduct and local legislation. Our suppliers shall provide access to complete, original and accurate files to our representatives 

* No employee or representative of the purchaser, seller, freight companies or other party involved in the transaction will be swayed, nor will they accept any kind of financial, product, entertainment, kickback, favour or bribe to obtain preferential treatment for professional, personal or profitable gain.