Internationally renowned and universally loved in the wine industry, the Pulltex family of corkscrews includes the original Double Leaver Corkscrew, as well as a Retractile Double Leaver, both of these creations were a revolution for the Waiter's Friend type corkscrews.

Now with the next generation of Corkscrews available at Villa Mondo as well a range of the Pulltex wine accessories, you too can learn why Pulltex are one of the premiere wine accessory brands across the globe!

Pulltex Crystal Corkscrew
Pulltex Glass Marker
Pulltex Ice Bucket - Apple
Pulltex Ice Bucket - Lemon
Pulltex Ice Bucket - Strawberry
Pulltex Starter Set - Black
Pulltex Starter Set - Orange
Pulltex Starter Set - Purple
Pulltex Starter Set - Yellow
Pulltex Uranus Pourer