CellarDine Limited was incorporated to design and develop new innovative products for the housewares sector, with the prime objective in offering excellent quality and value for money. A forward thinking business with an emphasis on customer service that is second to none.

As a UK based company CellarDine distributes its core ranges around the world and primarily designs its own products in house. In addition to this, CellarDine's superb relationship with its Far East and European factories provides an excellent opportunity to develop innovation and meet the individual demands of its retail customers.

The main purpose of the business is to create new exciting products that are useful, functional and original. Each design is patented and protected and the company invests significantly in developing brands internationally, supporting customers to generate sales. CellarDine feels passionately about the need to promote and develop new ideas and is continually in the process of creating inventive products for the future.

CellarDine Curved Waiter's Friend
CellarDine Double Jigger
Cellardine Fruit Chillers
CellarDine Nut Cracker
CellarDine Wine Drip Collar